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Our people

Meet Aquila Clean Energy EMEA

Our people combine capabilities covering the entire lifecycle of clean energy assets as well as experience throughout the various European markets we are active in. Together, we take pride in playing a part in the European energy transition.

local offices across Europe
As at 30.06.2023

An entrepreneurial corporate culture

At Aquila Clean Energy, we bring people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives together, encouraging new ways of thinking and developing clean energy projects.  As a result, we have an entrepreneurial, agile and results driven, inclusive corporate culture.

Management team of Aquila Clean Enegery with one female and five male persons.

Our management team

Employee portrait of Susanne Wermter who is Chief Excecutive Officer at Aquila Clean Energy.
Susanne Wermter Chief Executive Officer

Susanne is responsible for the overall strategy, performance and development of Aquila Clean Energy. She has led and built the company since 2013.

Employee portrait of Torsten Klee who is Chief Financial Officer at Aquila Clean Enegery.
Torsten Klee Chief Financial Officer

Torsten joined Aquila Clean Energy in 2021 and is in charge of finance. With in-depth insights and by monitoring Aquila Clean Energy’s data and numbers, his team helps driving our strategic decisions, as well as serving our external stakeholders with crucial financial information.

Employee portrait Andrew Wojtek who is Chief Investment Officer at Aquila Clean Energy.
Andrew Wojtek Chief Investment Officer

Andrew oversees the investment management, development and construction activities of Aquila Clean Energy. His teams cover a full suite of M&A, commercial and technical competencies applied not only to acquisitions but also to the development of projects, from inception to commissioning. Andrew has been in the company since 2015.

Employee portrait of Christine Brockwell who is Chief Product Officer at Aquila Clean Energy.
Christine Brockwell Chief Product Officer

Christine joined the company in 2018 to raise and structure capital for our clean energy assets as well as advise Aquila Capital’s long-term funds and mandates on their portfolio acquisitions. Her team is responsible for establishing partnerships in the capital markets and all related M&A activity.

Employee portrait of Joakim Johnsen who is Head of Markets & Operations at Aquila Clean Energy.
Joakim Johnsen Head of Markets & Operations

Joakim leads the power markets team which is responsible for PPAs, market research and commercial optimisation of the asset portfolio. He is also responsible for the operation of our assets across Europe, as well as the development & construction activities in Central and Northern Europe. He has been in the company since 2017.

Employee portrait of Sebastian Krull who is Head Corporate Solutions at Aquila Clean Energy.
Sebastian Krull Head Corporate Solutions

Together with his team, Sebastian focuses on Aquila Clean Energy’s corporate operations and interfaces between stakeholders within Aquila Capital and the company’s investment structures. He has been in the company since 2014.

Our values

Aquila Clean Energy is part of the wider Aquila Group. Together, we combine different capabilities and act according to our group-wide company values. Find out more about the Aquila Group Values in the video below.

Join us

Make a difference and become part of Aquila Clean Energy. Together, we pave the way to a clean energy future in Europe.

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    Our sustainability impact

    We aim to maximise the positive and minimise the negative impact we have on society and the environment. We use best practices to continuously advance this work.

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    Our local engagement

    We ensure long-term success through continuous engagement at the local sites of our projects. Get to know how we build trust and strong relationships locally.