Three engineers wearing reflective vest in front of a windmill entry.
Project development

Portfolio growth engine

Aquila Clean Energy takes full ownership of the development of greenfield projects, ensuring all necessary permits, gird connection and project rights are secured, with comprehensive technical and environmental assessments to ensure an LCoE optimal and ESG compliant layout.

Employee portrait Andrew Wojtek who is Chief Investment Officer at Aquila Clean Energy.

Aquila Clean Energy combines a strategic macro view on European clean energy with a local approach to project development, construction, operations and sustainability, complemented by a numbers-driven mindset.

Andrew Wojtek, Chief Executive Officer

Driving Europe’s energy transition

We generate value by strategically selecting sites that offer the best infrastructure potential and develop hybrid clean energy projects that optimise the grid connection. With our own expert teams in investment, development, procurement, construction and markets management, we have built an integrated and sustainable clean energy business by applying a holistic and industrial approach.

Kneeling woman in profile in yellow reflective vest on a windmill.

Clean energy investments

Clean energy investments

Our dedicated investment team are responsible for all commercial aspects of a project, ensuring robust project agreements, building strong project economics and generating long-term profitability.

Fenced battery storage facility in sandy area with green bush-covered hills in background.

Project development

Project development

Our local teams across Europe have a proven track record in securing land, obtaining all relevant permits and project rights and all other aspects necessary to bring a project into construction.

Wind turbine under construction in the mountains and rotor blade transported by truck.

Technical capabilities

Technical capabilities

Aquila Clean Energy has a team of 50+ engineers that optimise all aspects of our assets from development to operation.

Solar energy plant in the middle of a wide green area with smaller bushes and lakes.



Our strategic and operational procurement team tenders and sources components, in the most efficient and effective way possible to manage adequate supply at attractive terms across the portfolio combining quantitative, portfolio level sourcing with a local key account approach.

Construction supervision on a solar pv park

Construction supervision

Construction supervision

Construction management is critical to ensuring that our projects are delivered on-time and to the highest quality standards. We carefully oversee, review and analyse the engineering & planning as well as the execution on site, including the determination of all materials required for construction.

Aquila Clean Energy Crew member standing at the Kairos Battery Storage System

Battery storage team

Battery storage team

Aquila Clean Energy set-up a dedicated team of experts to build-out our storage portfolio, working with our local development and construction teams to capture key standalone and co-located opportunities across Europe.

Employee portrait of Sebastian Krull who is Head Corporate Solutions at Aquila Clean Energy.

At Aquila Clean Energy we ensure our projects are built to achieve the highest quality for long-term operational excellence while maintaining the lowest LCoE possible.

Sebastian Krull, Head Corporate Solutions

A first look at our utility-scale assets

  • Solar EGA
  • Battery energy storage system and moody grey sky.
  • The Rock
  • Solar PV: EGA

    Our solar PV plant in Spain has a capacity of 30 MWp, generated by 72,380 solar panels across 69 ha, all integrated seamlessly into its natural surroundings.

  • Battery storage: Kairos

    With an installed capacity of 25 MWp, the battery energy storage system (BESS) Kairos will be the largest in Belgium and one of the first four-hour duration BESS units in the European Union.

  • Wind energy: The Rock

    The 72 wind turbines comprise one of the largest standalone onshore wind farms in Norway, generating around 1.3 TWh of clean energy annually (≈annual energy consumption of 3.9 million European households).

Aquila Clean Energy wins IJGlobal award

Aquila Clean Energy wins IJGlobal award "Best renewable energy solar deal in Europe in 2022"

– Aquila Clean Energy has won the award for its EUR 1 billion construction facility for renewable energy projects in Southern Europe executed in 2022

– Financing was conducted under the InvestEU programme with the European Investment Bank and seven commercial banks as partners

– The IJGlobal Award is a highly prestigious award for infrastructure investing

Hamburg, 10 March 2023 – Aquila Clean Energy EMEA, Aquila Capital’s clean energy development platform in Europe, has won the IJGlobal Award in the category “Renewable Energy Solar deal of the year – Europe”. This prize was presented for the best-in-class transaction …

  • Windmills with sheeps on grassy hills and sunny sky.

    Our sustainability impact

    We aim to maximise the positive and minimise the negative impact we have on society and the environment. We use best practices to continuously advance this work.

  • Solar plant from above with green mountains and blue sky in the background.

    Our operations

    Aquila Clean Energy strives for day-to-day operational excellence. Learn more about our approach here.