Driving clean energy since 2006

Aquila Clean Energy EMEA is a leading European clean energy business. We develop greenfield projects and operate them during their lifetime. Our teams cover the entire value chain of clean energy projects starting with sourcing sites, through full permitting, procurement, project finance, power offtake, construction oversight and ultimately operating the assets and managing market risk. Growing from our roots as an investment manager, Aquila Clean Energy EMEA today is a fully fledged independent power producer with a strategic focus on solar PV, onshore wind and battery storage across our core European markets.

Employee portrait of Susanne Wermter who is Chief Excecutive Officer at Aquila Clean Energy.

Aquila Clean Energy is spearheading the European energy transition as developer of integrated & hybrid renewable energy solutions and independent power producer

Susanne Wermter, Chair
  • Three engineers wearing reflective vest in front of a windmill entry.

    Our business

    Aquila Clean Energy is shaping the energy transition through our rigorous analytical approach combined with local expertise in developing projects from greenfield all the way to completion. Find out more about our business.

  • Solar plant from above with green mountains and blue sky in the background.

    Our operations

    Aquila Clean Energy strives for day-to-day operational excellence. Learn more about our approach here.

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    Our people

    Our entrepreneurial team has deep sector know-how and the ability to deliver our portfolio and bring projects to completion, operate them and grow the business. Find out more about our people.

  • Windmills with sheeps on grassy hills and sunny sky.

    Working towards a more sustainable future

    At Aquila Clean Energy, we carefully consider which assets we develop, and how these are developed as robust ESG management throughout the entire value chain of our projects is essential.

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    We have a deep local presence in Europe

    Find out more about our regional coverage.

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As at 01.11.2023
  • Solar plant from above with sun glare reflections on the photovoltaic panels and a bright glaring sun in the background.
  • Windfarm on rocky hills with 8 windmills, some barely visible in the mist of a heavily cloudy sky.
  • Battery energy storage system, aerial view; in the center a transformer station and electrical cables.
  • Solar energy plant from above situated in a wide, dry area.
  • Windfarm with 8 windmills on green hills in front of the sea with hazy mountains in the back and blue sky.
  • Solar PV: La Cabrita

  • Wind energy: The Rock

  • Battery storage: Kairos

  • Solar PV: Jaen

  • Wind energy: Desfina


We develop and operate electricity generation assets in locations where technology matches resources, and energy storage systems next to our generation assets where the electric grid requires stability and presents an attractive market opportunity.

  • Scottland

  • Sweden

  • Finland

    33 MWp under development

  • Finland

    50 MWp under development

  • Estonia

    217 MWp under development

  • Spain

    3.025 GWp under development

  • Spain

    90 MWp under development

  • Spain

    290 MWp under development

  • Germany

    757 MWp under development

  • Germany

    1.186 GWp under development

  • Greece

    121 MWp under development

  • Greece

    1.138 GWp under development

  • Greece

    71 MWp under development

  • Italy

    59 MWp under development

  • Italy

    2.207 GWp under development

  • Poland

    150 MWp under development

  • Portugal

    40 MWp under development

  • Portugal

    649 MWp under development

As at 30.09.2022