Solar plant from above with green mountains and blue sky in the background.
Asset operations

Managing clean energy assets with data analysis

Our in-house asset operations teams operate on-the-ground to ensure our projects are managed as reliable and as profitably as possible. We combine this local know-how with our unique power market management and data analysis expertise to optimise our market price exposure and the associated PPA and hedging strategy. By becoming a centre of excellence in data management and analysis we aim to minimise operational risks, maximise revenues and future-proof our business.

Man in reflective vest in front of a wind turbine while it is snowing heavily.

Managing dynamic market environment

with quantitative, research-based analysis and tools

Holistic portfolio management

to support our asset selection and structure and the best offtake solution for a multi-technology and multi-regional portfolio

Ensuring quality standards

by collaborating closely with our partners, stakeholders and experts from an early stage

Focusing on long-term ownership

of our projects to continuously create value, reduce complexity and manage them successfully

Creating a resilient portfolio

The energy transition requires a diversified clean energy generation mix and a modern grid that can cope with intermitted generation. We have built and continue to develop a resilient portfolio that not only produces much needed clean energy, but also utilises battery energy storage systems to help manage the intermittent electricity generated by wind and solar PV. As stewards of our projects’ grid connection points, we hybridise our projects whenever possible to produce more stable generation profiles.

Employee portrait of Joakim Johnsen who is Head of Markets & Operations at Aquila Clean Energy.

Having an experienced team in market research, liquid markets and power purchase agreements allows us to optimise the risk-return profile of our project portfolio.

Joakim Johnsen, Head of Markets & Operations
Employee portrait of Torsten Klee who is Chief Financial Officer at Aquila Clean Enegery.

Aquila Clean Energy stands for high quality. We ensure our quality standards by close monitoring with strong technical and financial tools and teams.

Torsten Klee, Chief Financial Officer

Together, striving for a cleaner future

250 employees of 28 nationalities enable projects throughout Europe while ensuring the necessary proximity to the local projects and service providers.

Three people in reflective vests and safety helmets on their heads talking to each other on a solar plant.

Excellence through diversity

Best ideas come through diverse perspectives. We believe that promoting and valuing different cultures is indispensable to the development of high quality teams and assets.

Six people talking in windmill park on rocky terrain and with blue sky.

Local engagement

We develop, realise and manage projects for long-term success. We highly value community partnerships – not only by providing jobs for the construction and operation of the facilities on site but also by generating local social value.

Three people in business clothes are standing in a solar park on a green grass field and are talking to each other.

Operational expertise

Aquila Clean Energy has a 16-year track record in the clean energy industry. During this time we have developed unrivalled expertise in managing and operating assets. This is achieved through active portfolio management and aligning merchant exposure production and flexible storage volumes. We optimise our assets through multiple channels, including repowering, refinancing and streamlining O&M amongst many others.

  1. 2006

    Inception of Aquila Clean Energy business

  2. 2013

    First utility-scale projects in Central Europe

  3. 2014

    First investments in Scandinavia with construction management and PPA

  4. 2017

    First development project in Iberia

  5. 2018

    First development projects in Spain

  6. 2020

    Expansion into Italy, Greece and Baltics

  7. 2021

    First battery energy storage system

  8. 2022

    Financing of EUR 1bn construction facility for green projects in Southern Europe

Enabling sustainable opportunities

Solar pv / BESS (Co-location)

Co-location in Lower Saxony, Germany

The combination of battery storage systems and renewable power plants – co-location – plays an essential part in realising the energy transition. In Lower Saxony, Aquila Clean Energy developed one of the first co-location projects in Germany. Kilian Leykam, Director for Investment Management Battery Storage at Aquila Clean Energy, is introducing the project and its benefits for both the grid and investors.

Wind Energy

Wind farm “The Rock”: the largest construction project in our history so far

“The Rock” windfarm in Northern Norway is our largest and most complex construction project to date. Bernhard Gierke, Investment Manager Energy & Infrastructure at Aquila Clean Energy, explains the challenges that our team had to encounter during the construction phase, especially during winter times. The 400 MW windfarm is expected to produce 1,300 GWh of energy which will be used by a local aluminium smelter.

Battery Storage

Battery Storage System, Project Kairos

Large-scale battery storage systems are an important component for the realisation of the energy transition. They can balance the fluctuating production of renewable energies and thus support the switch to clean energy. Kilian Leykam, Investment Manager Battery Storage at Aquila Capital, explains the relevance of energy storage for the expansion of renewable energies and gives a tour of our construction site in Ruien, Belgium.

Solar PV

Solar PV Plant in Almeria, Spain

In the Tabernas desert, in the South of Spain, we realised the solar PV plant “La Cabrita”. Here, Ignacio Ríos, Project Construction Manager at Aquila Clean Energy, introduces the large solar PV park and its characteristics. La Cabrita, which was built minimising its environmental impact, spans a total area of 120 hectares and has an installed capacity of around 50 MW.

Wind Energy

Annual inspections of a windfarm

Melanie Schaub, Asset Manager Wind, explains the key criteria she considers when visiting wind farms for an annual inspection. The dedicated asset management team closely inspects the turbines and the local conditions of its wind farms on a regular basis in order to ensure the assets’ stable and long-term performance for the investors.

  • Windmills with sheeps on grassy hills and sunny sky.


    We aim to maximise the positive and minimise the negative impact we have on society and the environment. We use best practices to continuously advance this work.

  • Three kids running and playing in the hills and windmills in the back.

    Our local engagement

    We ensure long-term success through continuous engagement at the local sites of our projects. Get to know how we build trust and strong relationships locally.