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Nippon Koei Energy Europe and Aquila Clean Energy announce start of commercial operations of a battery energy storage system in Belgium

Hamburg, 02 March 2023 – Nippon Koei Energy Europe B.V. (NKEE), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Japanese listed company Nippon Koei Co., Ltd., and Aquila Clean Energy EMEA, Aquila Capital’s clean energy development platform in Europe, are pleased to announce the completion of the construction of their battery energy storage system (BESS) located in Ruien, Belgium.

The BESS has already started commercial operations and the project is thus actively contributing to improving the stability of the Belgian high-voltage (HV) grid as well as operating in the short-term electricity markets. The plant is located on the site of a former 800 MW coal fired power plant and therefore constitutes a good example of how to drive the energy transition forward by embedding flexible BESS assets in a market with an already elevated penetration of renewables in the production mix. The project also highlights the importance of battery energy storage systems for the energy transition throughout Europe, as a decisive part of a future integrated European energy system.

The 25 MW/100 MWh grid-scale BESS in Ruien is one of the largest connected to the Belgian HV grid as well as one of the first four-hour long duration BESS units in the EU. It is one of the first projects of this type in Europe that meets all relevant ESG standards and has a strong focus on sustainable construction and operation.

Masato Suzuki, President and CEO of Nippon Koei Energy Europe B.V.: “Since 2018 we have co-developed this project with YUSO and are extremely proud that NKEE has delivered it through a full wrap EPC, with the support of Spie and Wärtsilä. We are pleased to continue to co-own the asset together with our partner Aquila Capital, whereby we can contribute to the energy security of Belgium’s electricity system. Energy security is a key challenge facing the world’s transition to a net zero economy. We aim to continuously contribute to power grid flexibility in accordance with Nippon Koei’s philosophy: ‘Act with integrity and contribute to society through technology and engineering’.”

Susanne Wermter, CEO of Aquila Clean Energy EMEA: “We were able to realise the construction of the battery system through excellent cooperation with our partners at NKEE and we are looking forward to contributing to the commercial optimisation of the plant in the operating phase that will now follow. Batteries are a crucial building block of the energy transition because they balance the power grid and make it possible to integrate clean energies into the production mix. With the completed construction of this BESS, we are thus making an active and important contribution to the expansion of electricity storage and the integration of renewable energies. We aim to continue to further expand our exposure to this asset class and reaching this milestone has been an important step in this expansion.”

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