Solar PV panels and blue heaven
| Press Release

Aquila Clean Energy starts building two new solar PV plants in Castile and León, bringing its total capacity under construction in Spain to more than 325 MW

− These projects, each with a peak capacity of around 31 MW (62 MW in total), will generate enough renewable energy to power more than 30,000 homes per year and avoid the emission of 29,700 tonnes of CO2 per year

− The plants will create more than 150 jobs during their construction

− Aquila Clean Energy has promoted social and environmental activities in the region as part of this project

Soria, 2 April 2024 Aquila Clean Energy, a company that develops and operates renewable energy projects with a focus on solar, wind and battery energy storage, has started building its first two solar photovoltaic plants in Castilla y León. With a total capacity of 62 MW, these plants, located in the municipalities of Matalebreras, Trévago and Fuentestrún (Soria), will produce enough renewable energy to supply more than 30,000 households and avoid the emission of 29,700 tonnes of CO2 per year. They will also create more than 150 jobs during their construction.

“We are delighted to see how Aquila Clean Energy’s work and approach is progressing in our country, as in the case of these projects that are about to be built in Soria. We will continue to work in conjunction with the local population and with a commitment to sustainability in all the areas where we operate,” says Jorge de Miguel, Head of Development and Construction for Aquila Clean Energy in Spain.

Aquila Clean Energy has a further 10 projects under development in the region, located in the provinces of Valladolid, Zamora, León and Palencia. The company is in the process of developing major projects in Castilla y León, which will have a total capacity of more than

700 MW and generate enough energy to supply around 350,000 homes. The company will thus increase the installed capacity of solar energy in the region by 36%, contributing significantly to the 3,000 MW target set by the regional government of Castilla y León for its current term of office.

Aquila Clean Energy has developed and built seven projects that are now operational in Spain, with a total capacity of 271 MW reaching a total of 114,000 Spanish households. In addition, the company is currently developing 52 plants with a capacity of more than 3 GW.

In developing these new solar plants, Aquila Clean Energy has promoted a series of measures to protect biodiversity and integrate the plants into the environment. The company has also enacted measures that have had a socio-economic impact in the areas in which it operates, including the promotion of employment opportunities for the local population. These actions have earned it the UNEF Certificate of Excellence for Sustainability.

In Matalebreras, local employment has been promoted through a free training course in office automation. This has increased the positive socio-economic impact of the company’s activities and created new opportunities for the local population.

In addition, Aquila Clean Energy has signed an agreement with Matalebreras Town Council for the installation of an electric water pump, which will, in turn, be powered by a photovoltaic self-consumption system. This pump will provide the people of Matalebreras with a constant supply of water throughout the year.

From an environmental point of view, there will be game fencing that allows local fauna to pass through, as well as vegetation screening and nesting boxes for birds of prey in suitable locations both within the solar parks and in the surrounding area. Two natural stone cairns will also be built to encourage the European Little Owl.

At the same time, holm oak and hawthorn trees will be planted, as well as internal mosaics of blackthorn, sage, broom and wild rose to provide food and shelter for local fauna around the plants.

The good management of its projects and the promotion of social and environmental measures have made Aquila Clean Energy the renewables company in Spain with the most UNEF Seals of Excellence for Sustainability. The company has received this recognition for the environmental and social measures implemented in seven of its projects.