Solar PV panels and blue heaven
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Aquila Clean Energy and the Town Council of Montealegre del Castillo sign an agreement to promote the social and economic progress of Albacete

— Aquila Clean Energy has committed to foster, in collaboration with the Montealegre del Castillo Town Council, a series of social measures that will promote the social and economic development of the municipality

— These initiatives are part of the “El Cuco” project, a 42MW solar photovoltaic plant development that will help create 140 jobs

Madrid, 16 November 2023 Aquila Clean Energy, a company that develops and operates renewable energy projects with a focus on solar and wind power, has signed a collaboration agreement with the Montealegre del Castillo Town Council to foster the social and economic development of the municipality.

Through this joint declaration, Aquila Clean Energy commits to develop measures that promote local employability and an awareness of renewable energies and the environment in Albacete. This agreement is part of the “El Cuco” project, a 42MW solar photovoltaic plant development, which will contribute to the creation of 140 jobs.

From November 2023, planned events include online training sessions for unemployed people; advanced training on photovoltaic installations for maintenance technicians and those responsible for design and assembly; and an environmental education day for schoolchildren.

Dolores Almarcha Riquelme, Mayoress of Montealegre del Castillo, points out: “The Town Council wishes to express on behalf of all the local residents its utmost satisfaction with the Project model and its conditions for promoting local employment and the sustainable development of the area, respecting the natural, scenic and cultural environment, as well as the interests of the local community, which trusts that the initiatives adopted jointly will make this unique environment we enjoy a plausible and exportable example of respect for the environment and boosting the economy of small municipalities that is so often relegated by the interests of higher authorities.”

“In addition to promoting sustainable energy generation, we aim to be a driver of social and economic progress in the communities where we operate. By signing this agreement with the Montealegre del Castillo Town Council, we reaffirm our commitment to creating a more prosperous future for the region,” says Jorge de Miguel, Head of Development and Construction for Aquila Clean Energy in Spain.

Among the company’s planned social measures is a day of presentation with the aim of familiarising the population with the project. In addition, the company will hold an awareness-raising session on employment opportunities in solar photovoltaic energy with the aim of informing and training young people and people interested in the community about employment opportunities in photovoltaic energy generation and solar plant operation.

In an effort to promote environmental education and ecological awareness in the region, Aquila Clean Energy has also proposed an environmental education day, which will provide students with the opportunity to visit the natural environment and learn about renewable energy and the importance of conserving the natural environment and local biodiversity.

These initiatives highlight Aquila Clean Energy’s commitment to sustainable development and to generating a positive impact in the region, as well as its vision of establishing a close and beneficial collaboration with the local community. Aquila Clean Energy manages around 60 projects in Spain with a total generating capacity of more than 3GW. Through the development and management of clean energy assets, Aquila Clean Energy Spain is playing a key role in the energy transition.