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Aquila Clean Energy accelerates the build-out of its portfolio in Italy during 2023

  • By year-end, Aquila Clean Energy will have grown its development and construction portfolio in Italy to over 2.2 GW of Solar PV and around 1.7 GW of battery storage systems (BESS)
  • In 2023 the company received construction permits for 6 Solar PV projects, totalling 150 MWp of authorised capacity

Milan, 14.12.2023 – Aquila Clean Energy, a developer and operator of renewable energy projects, has strengthened its presence in Italy over 2023, advancing its clean energy portfolio in the country and supporting Italy´s path to net zero.

Since its market entry in 2020 to year-end 2023, Aquila Clean Energy will have grown its development and construction portfolio in Italy to over 2.2 GW of Solar PV and around 1.7 GW of battery storage systems (BESS). The company has a local and long-term approach to its activities in the country, employing a team of over 20 professionals in its office in Milan.

2023 has been a particularly successful year for Aquila Clean Energy, having received construction permits (“Autorizzazione Unica”) for 6 Solar PV projects, totalling over 150 MWp in authorized capacity. These projects are located in various price regions, and the majority will incorporate Agri PV systems. Aquila Clean Energy will invest over EUR 120 Mio in the construction of these projects, which will commence in Q1 2024. As of today, the key components for the projects have been secured, including PV modules.

During this year, Aquila Clean Energy has reinforced its commitment to the Italian energy sector with the build-up of a 1.7 GW BESS portfolio, comprising 16 projects located in different regions of Italy. The company will invest over EUR 50 Mio. in development capital for the next two-to-three years, positioning it at the forefront of the burgeoning Italian storage market.

Susanne Wermter, CEO Aquila Clean Energy states: “Since we started investing in Italy in 2020, the country has become one of our core markets. We are delighted to see the huge progress we have made in 2023. The permits obtained for our solar PV projects and the advancement of our BESS portfolio highlights our dedication to support the energy transition in the country. We remain committed to providing clean and reliable energy solutions to Italy”.

These achievements are the result of the excellent collaboration between Aquila Clean Energy’s Italian team and their strong network of local partners, with whom Aquila Clean Energy is working together to make a cleaner future possible in Italy.


About Aquila Clean Energy

Aquila Clean Energy EMEA is Aquila Group´s clean energy platform in Europe. Aquila Clean Energy develops, realises and operates clean energy assets using the technologies of solar, wind, hydropower and battery storage. Currently, Aquila Clean Energy manages a portfolio with a total capacity of more than 11 GW.

With a local approach and through local teams of experts, Aquila Clean Energy initiates, develops, realises and operates what it identifies as essential assets along the entire value chain and over the lifetimes of the assets. Aquila Clean Energy has built a permanent presence in nine countries with 250 employees, believing that local, on-site management teams are key to the company’s operations.

Aquila Clean Energy is part of Aquila Group, an investment and asset development company focused on generating and managing essential assets on behalf of its clients. Currently, Aquila Group manages assets worth EUR 14, 7billion on behalf of institutional investors worldwide.


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